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Convenient ways of collecting payments quickly from the debtors

Significant number of businesses today make their sales on credit terms. This is used as means of increasing sales. The main aim of this is to create a competitive edge over the other businesses in the market. This raises the chances of the business survival and profitability when the credit is advanced using the right manner. Read more

Tax and NIC efficient wage/salary

From 6th April 2012 at a wage/salary level of £7,485 per year neither you or your company will pay tax or NI and you will still receive a full year's NI credit to your state pension record. Read more

VAT reclaim on Vans and Commercial Vehicles

Some vehicles look like vans and don't have windows in the sides behind the driver. But they do have additional seats for carrying passengers behind the front row of seats (or they're designed so they can be fitted with them) ? Read more